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Never A Die Charge

The Challenger Coin tradition has a military origin and is used by all branches of the US armed services as tokens of esprit de corps between units.

Police and Fire Departments have adopted the tradition as well as Labor Unions and all types of organizations and businesses who wish to commemorate a special event or anniversary.

The second side of your coin can tell a story

Above we’re showing the Front & Back of the Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin Union Made Challenge Coin, commemorating their 78th convention.

Note the back side statement on the IAFF Local 1312 coin: “Challenge Coins symbolize unit identity and Esprit de Corps, Bonds forged in fire bearing our symbol and motto, Captured in metal, the essence of our affiliation and fierce pride.” This coin identifies the bearer as a member of a unit with a well defined history and mission. This Challenge Coin is no mere token, Today it is a tangible source of pride and BROTHERHOOD”

We can also consecutively number each coin as shown on the back of this IAFF Local 1312 coin.

Other organizations may choose to utilize the back side of their Union Made Challenge Coins with symbols of Tools of Their Trade or Local Land Marks. An example of the effective use of a Challenge Coin’s back side is by an Electricians Union, using the Wind Turbine and a local Land Mark to identify their home area as shown here.

Pricing always includes both coin sides and our Union Label. All USA Military Branch Seals are available including the National Guard.

Pricing: All Coins are quoted on an individual basis, as few as 100 coins and never a Die Charge. Key factors in determining your Coin price are: Quantity, Size, Numbers of Enamel Colors in the design, Plating Finishes; Bright (polished) or Antique Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Give us a call and Our Customer Care personnel will walk you through pricing, as long as we have these key factors to work with. Or simply fill out our detailed quote request form by clicking the button below and we’ll get back to you with your FREE quote.

Other challenge coin back images

Other Examples of Coin Backs

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