Union Made Challenge Coins

Packaging & Options

COIN INFORMATION: Never a Die Charge!

Sizes: 3mm thick: Average diameter 1.5”, 1.75”, 2”. Most custom Sizes are available, consult Customer Care.

Designs: 2D & 3D Sculpted Designs.

Color:  Any Standard PMS Enamel Color. Maybe plated in Bright or Antique Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Process: Die Struck

Production: All orders are Virtual Proofed prior to production. Actual Sample Proofs are available, please consult Customer Care.


Borders/ Edges: Prices vary depending on quantity, consult Customer Care:
Flat edge is standard

Flat Edge

Flat Wave Edge

Oblique Line Edge

Petal Edge

Rope Line Edge

Bottle Opener Notch



Prices vary depending on quantity, consult Customer Care: Standard Packaging, Bubble Wrap Bag


  • Soft PVC Pouch/Bag $0.70 cents each
  • Consecutive Numbering $0.80 cents each
  • Lucite Presentation coin case $1.65 each
  • Black Velour Pouch with drawstring $1.70 each
    not shown
  • Plastic Coin Capsule $1.50 each
  • Standard packaging: clear, sealed ploy bags
  • Epoxy Dome: Consult Customer Care.

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